Well, it is with a great honour and pleasure to be able to announce that I’ll be joining the wonderful team here at Octane Photographic, so to speak, and I’ll be providing you with the reviews of events during race weekends for Formula One, GP2 and GP3, which will be published in the Monday after every race weekend.

I met up with Craig and Leanne at the MGP Donny event earlier this year, where we all took a long look around the history of Formula One, with glistening race machines guiding us through just how much Formula One has changed over the decades, as well as there being a diverse collection of military memorabilia, with a great track walk around Donington Park itself and an arranged competition. A very long day out for me, but a day not to forget…

And then a chance meeting with current Formula Pilota China series leader, Dan Wells, the ONLY ‘Twitter Powered Racing Driver’, the following week, meant another long trip up to Birmingham, where I set off from north Essex at the wee hours of the morning, and got there early. Again, it was nice to meet Leanne and Craig, who kindly took some great shots for the interview with Dan himself. This was really the start of a great relationship, as friends and co-workers.

And to be asked to write for them, having been personally asked by Leanne was a no-brainer, as I am truly a great fan of their work, and have used some great images that they capture. They never fail to astound me as a photo truly does paint a thousand words, and the work they do, is simply awe-inspiring.

So, starting from the upcoming race at Hockenheim, I’ll be writing for your reading pleasure, and look forward to this future association with the team here at Octane Photographic, which I hope, will be the start of something wonderful….


If you haven’t heard about me already, I’m the man behind ‘Not Just Alex’s View‘, which looks to give fans an interactive say, as well as writing for the ‘View’ itself, as well as interactive interviews with riders and drivers form the world of motorsport, whether it be on two wheels or four, and you can read anything on the ‘View‘ right here: www.alexgoldie.wordpress.com


I am a lover of all motorsports, no matter how many wheels it has, but I was first and foremost a Formula One Fan since the age of ten, when Ayrton Senna ignited my passion for the fastest sport on four wheels, and since then, my love for the sport has grown, and even though there have been tough times now, in this difficult economic climate, I still try to attend what I can, finances permitting.


So until next week, it’s “Auf Wiedersehen” for now…